I Tried To Carry The Weight Of The World!

But I only had two hands, you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders? Sitting around with your mind running like a tornado going back and forth about what you choose to do instead of what you should have done is well dumb Sir! You only have two hands and the weight of your life and what you have created is what you should be worried about. Not trying to please this person and fix this situation just to get to tomorrow! Because than tomorrow comes and like a dog you are stuck still chasing the same thing your tail and trying to fix the same problem it just appears different! Blame is all you have left, trying to find ways to limit your damage and move on from it, sad I Charley Beers see that at times you all do it! But you can only limit so much before you end up running into a gas station to buy your 5th pack of smokes in two days, because you are choosing to wilt as you always have in the past. The clerk four years ago used to be one of your closest friends and all of a sudden it hits you why you barely talk anymore. Other people are paying the price for your actions and they get hurt in the process. It doesn’t make him a sissy, you cared at the time nothing about him, you cared nothing about Gig Harbor and now there is and amazing woman falling apart because of YOUR actions! Your words tell one story, but like a shady care salesman your actions show quite another. And insulator, who can’t get to close because the foundation is shaky the second you open your mouth. Built on mud and slowly slipping away, because you didn’t want to do the work to build a solid foundation you needed! I guess while you were busy trying to carry the weight of the world and make everybody like you with your jokes and to your credit Sir, you fooled them all, how sad of a statement is that! But while you were busy doing that, I see what you see and what nobody else does, you have lost yourself! Scared to look in the mirror at what you might see and watching day by day and second by second it all slowly start to slip away! The words “I trusted you and you were supposed to take care of me that is what you told me.” And amazing woman to this point in life has more than taken care of herself and you were supposed to be the one, hell you should win and academy award for your performance! I don’t think Clooney, Pitt you name it could have pulled it off quite as well as you did! So hey at least you can walk away and be proud of something, you fooled them all and in the end fooled yourself! Fooled yourself into thinking that you could have everything that you wanted this time! Fooled yourself into thinking somehow it would be different and this time you deserved it! Fooled yourself into thinking that because you did some of the work and not all of it that somehow, that would still be good enough! Fooled yourself into thinking that she wouldn’t walk away after all your bullshit! “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO MAN.” The best line from and Eminem song ever for sure. I guess in the end you really only did fool yourself sir, but be careful, if you choose to carry the weight of the world, it’s pretty heavy and awful hard to hold up with two hands!

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