If All That’s Left To Do Is Walk Away!

Then baby im as gone as yesterday the Sara Evans song would go on to say. “If you let this train roll down theese tracks, you are going to wish you talked me back.” You are going to wish you gave a damn because you weren’t perfect either, you are going to wish you believed in me and didn’t quit, but you did! I am proud of you again, something I Charley Beers havent been able to say too you in a long long time. You saw a post on Facebook today and it slapped you upside the head like I Charley Beers have never been able to do. “In the end, only three things matter: how much you love, how gently you lived and HOW GRACEFULLY YOU LET GO OF THE THINGS NOT MEANT FOR YOU! Gandhi” Sometimes God or life or whatever you want to call it knows better than we do. Sometimes it puts things in front of us to let us know just how good it could be, sometimes letting go of those things that taught us lessons can be the hardest thing in the world. Matters of the heart are never easy and if we choose to let them they can break us. How gracefully you deal with the pain that has kept you here and how you find the strength to leave it there when the future in front of you is so uncertain. Being able to pick up the pieces of a shattered heart and life and having the strength and courage to leave the pieces there on the floor that don’t fit. The pieces that sting, the pieces we thought would be in our life for a long time, the things that we don’t want to give up, but know we have to. I am proud of you Sir, I see the tears and the hurt like the day I Charley Beers left this earth. I know what you want, I wish it was different for you, but you chose this path and since you chose it, you have to deal with all the pain and disappointment from these decisions! There is a game changer in here Sir if you stand this time and quit crawling. Because I cant say this any louder, what you wanted quit on you. What you thought was supposed to be quit trying and quit fighting even though you never did. When someone important to us gives up on us, it can be a crushing blow that we never recover from. “If all that’s left to do is walk away, then baby I’m gone as yesterday, if there is something you still need to say, you need to say it now.” Enough said SIr, if you listen to the words of the song then you know it is time to walk away. If you let this train roll down these tracks and you let someone so special walking away crush you then you and I Charley Beers have nothing left! Funny thing is that the thing that you are walking away from ended up having cracks to. Ended up judging you for decisions when they were making the same ones, so I guess I have to ask, why would you hang your hopes and dreams on something that quit on you? “It aint over until I say its over, enough when I say enough.” I havent had enough and this is just one more shot to the ribs while I am down, but while you are taking shots I am plotting and planning, you tried to break me again and sorry but FUCK YOU life you lose. I win I do have the strength to walk away from it and this time I wont waste the time licking my wounds, you lose, and if that was your best shot then I am sorry for you, because what I am about to do is going to knock you on your ass. DO what you are supposed to do and watch how the haters and what is against you shrinks up! When you do the work, they have nothing, they never have had anything, everything they have you gave to them. All the things they used against you and yet here you sit if you are willing to do the work you can be succesful and nobody can question that or take it away from you! It is time to walk not crawl, and it would appear Sir that all that’s left to do is walk away!

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